Website Positioning and Search Engine Ranking – Tutorial 1 – Website Submission

This is the aboriginal in a alternation of tutorials advised to abetment you advance your website accession and seek engine baronial in top seek engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. In this tutorial we will be searching at website acquiescence which includes the actual way to accomplish chiral website submission, website acquiescence to targeted categories, alternate bond and alienated website acquiescence mistakes which could abuse your website position in seek engine ranking.

Website acquiescence is, at its name implies, acquiescence of your website to seek engines and directories in adjustment for your website to be calmly begin by targeted internet users. You can use assorted techniques to abide your website to seek engines which will abetment in you accomplishing top seek engine baronial in top seek engines. We will apply on three complete website acquiescence methods: Chiral website submission, Automanted website acquiescence and One way bond to targeted websites and seek engines.

Manual Website Submission.

Manual website acquiescence consists of you contacting seek engines and directories, anon and including your website URL into the animal editors or robots clamber bank. Chiral website acquiescence is about the alone anatomy of website acquiescence adequate to top seek engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for you to be included in their seek engines. Directories such as DMOZ and Zeal aswell await on chiral website acquiescence in adjustment for their editors to appearance and possibly account your website in their pages.

Each seek engine and agenda has their own blueprint for chiral website submission. MSN and Yahoo crave you alone to ascribe your website URL, while Google asks you aswell to cover some keywords accordant to your website (we will attending at keywords anon in tutorial 3).

Directory acquiescence is a little altered to seek engine acquiescence in that a amount of abridged data are bare in adjustment for acknowledged admittance into their pages. DMOZ requires a abrupt description of your website if appointment and Zeal asks for both agreeable and keywords if applying a chiral submission. If appointment your website into directories, it is basic that you chose a class accordant to your website’s agreeable in adjustment to even be advised for inclusion. It is best to analysis the agenda capacity until you acquisition the complete absolute class for your website. For example, if your website offers a specific account in a specific region, let us say a florist in South London, acquisition a class which data your account and area such as : “Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Agriculture and Forestry: Horticulture: Flowers and Floristry” rather than “Shopping: Flowers: Florist”. Already you accept begin your targeted class you now charge to abide your website for the animal editors to review. If appointment your website description, be actual specific of your agreeable and accumulate in apperception the class you are appointment to. Application our archetype site, a acceptable description would be “London florist stocking flowers for all occasions. Floral allowance baskets and arrange for weddings, anniversaries and appropriate holidays.” Do not abatement into the allurement of application the description to account all keywords, just focus on one or two targeted keywords and do not be repetative. Your chiral website acquiescence description needs to be in abounding and abounding sentences rather than a account of terms. DMOZ is acrid and continued in its website admittance action afterwards chiral website submission. They action no acknowledgment and you can apprehend to delay from months to years to see your website listed in their directory. Also, if your area has been endemic ahead and has been atramentous listed by DMOZ above-mentioned to you owning your website domain, do not apprehend to see your website in there afterwards you accept manually submitted your website to them.

It is not a acceptable abstraction to spam seek engines with assorted chiral website submissions. If you accept searched for your website area name afterwards website acquiescence and accept not apparent your website listed with a abundant description of your website afterwards a aeon of three months, you may abide your website afresh to DMOZ, Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you see that your website has not been included into top seek engines or directories such as Google, Yahoo, DMOZ and MSN afterwards three attempted website submissions (3 attempts in 9 months), you ability wish to email the seek engine adumbrative or editor anon and ask if your website is in the apprentice clamber coffer and why it has not been included into their seek engine.

Remember, consistently abide your homepage to the seek engines first. Aswell accomplish abiding you accept links to your centralized web pages on your home page. Robots will again clamber and account your accomplished website in seek categories accordant to anniversary page. Already your homepage has been listed, again attack to manually abide your central pages.

Automated Website Submission.

Automated website acquiescence has gotten a bad name lately, due mainly to spamming websites into inappropraite acquiescence categories. Automatic website acquiescence consists of the website buyer application a affairs to accumulation abide their websites to a all-inclusive amount of seek engines, listings and directories. Despite the abrogating press, automatic acquiescence is not a bad abstraction to get your website listed and body seek engine listings and website positioning.

If you adjudge to use an automatic website acquiescence affairs be abiding to bethink to attending through the account of seek engines it submits your website to and bang off, or mark as submitted, to top seek engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as these seek engines will attending abnormally on your website if you attack to abide your website to them by such means. Try not to abide your website to Free For All links or accessible aperture page links as these are getting targeted by top seek engines for abolishment in amoebic seek results.

Choose targeted seek engines accordant to your website agreeable if application automatic website acquiescence and bethink to resubmit your website on a approved base (once a month).

One Way Website Linking.

This is a basic basic in accomplishing top website accession and seek engine baronial and is a actual simple affair to do. Acquisition websites with agnate agreeable or casework to castigation and ask them to cover a hotlink to your website on their site. Accomplish abiding you abide your hotlink to sites which are keyword affluent and targeted to your website. You should aswell try and get your hotlink included on a website which has a Google Page Rank of 4/10 or above. Before appointment a link, be abiding to attending at the antecedent cipher on the website’s page you are appointment to. If the website has their Robots argument off, or with a No Clamber instruction, do not decay your time in appointment to them as your website hotlink will not be crawled by seek engine robots. You ability aswell wish to accede alms alternate links on your website which will advice you and your linkers body page rank and website accession in seek engine ranking.

To conclude, website acquiescence is basic for your websites success in seek engines. You can not await on your website getting listed if you do not abide your website. By implementing the suggestions listed in this tutorial, you should see a acceptable access in your website accession in seek engine ranking. Remember, it takes time and plan to accomplish top seek engine baronial in some of the top websites, so be patient.

Our next tutorial will focus on Seek Engine Optimization.

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